Prayer for Your Breakthrough

Beloved, this is no coincidence that you have come to agree for your breakthrough. This is a God ordained moment

You have been waiting for your breakthrough and wondering how it is going to be.

The lord says: I will go ahead of you and cut through the bars of iron and smash open the doors that are shut against you. The door which he opens no one can shut.

God says: I will send my angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and take you to the place I have prepared for you.

God has broken through your enemies and obstacles like a flooding stream.

Any evil embargo, invisible cages, every power of limitation, any enchantment, spell, curse, stronghold, witchcraft or any other evil power sitting at the edge of your breakthrough …we break their legal ground and shut their door of access in your life in  by the power in the blood of Jesus. The fire of God will consume them right now.

You have tried the best you could and your heart has cried to him. He has heard your cries and prayers beloved. He is making everything beautiful for you. You are too precious in His sight

You are the beloved of the Lord. His chosen one. There is nothing impossible for Him. He will go to any limit to bless you and give you the breakthrough you have been waiting for. He is the God of breakthrough.

We speak to that mountain standing before you to be uprooted and go away where it is never seen again. That giant mocking and trying to take away your joy and dignity is struck down right now, never to rise again.

God has made a way for you where there seemed no way.

He will give you the desires of your heart and perfect and establish that which concerns you.

God says: is there anything too hard for me, so there is not a situation that he cannot turn around in your favor. His favor surrounds you like a shield.

This is the day and this is the moment that the Almighty God is taking over your situation and giving you your expected outcome. Believe and receive now. He will fill your joy and laughter. Crown you with an everlasting joy. You will never land up in this situation again.

Praise Him and thank him for what he has done for you. We seal this prayer in the most powerful and majestic name of Jesus Christ our Lord . Amen

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